A Real-Time Look at Users' Digital Satisfaction

How a digital property is performing in terms of load time and how it is served to the device a person is using is imperative to today's customer experience. There has been strong evidence that load time and device-friendliness affect customer satisfaction.

Dynatrace, a digital performance software company, looks to prove stronger correlations between these two factors and others with its new Application Monitoring and User Experience Management (UEM), which brings businesses a new level of visibility and insights into their customers' digital experience.

Dynatrace's new digital performance platform gives digital business owners a graphical, real-time view of their users' satisfaction (see image)-not just binary pass/fail metrics or page views. Through visual tiles that analyze individual and aggregate data about customer journeys, business owners can understand users' actions across channels, device and connection types and the experience delivered - providing a holistic view into individual end-to-end experience. This information can empower brands to detect and respond quickly to the changing demands of their users as well as inform decisions for new and existing campaigns. 

It should be noted that the release of Dynatrace 6.2 comes on the heels of the merger between Dynatrace and Keynote, which created "the most advanced user experience and behavior monitoring business in the world."