Big List of Conversion Optimization Links for #CROctober

Interested in learning more about each of the scenarios mentioned in Website Magazine's feature story from the October 2016 issue?

Our editors and industry contributors explore these topics regularly. For our print readers and those joining us for #CROctober, we've curated a list of articles covering different aspects of conversion optimization:



Test Calls-to-Action

+ 4 Website Elements That Need A/B Testing
Here's How to Start Testing Website Elements 
+ Must-Run Tests for the New Year
+ 5 Landing Page Barriers Killing Mobile Conversions 
+ Master List of A/B Testing Solutions  


Examine Slow Load Times

Need for Speed: Why an Investment in Site Speed is an Investment in Success
+ Seconds Count: All About Web Performance
+ 10 Tips for Better Page Speed for SEO 


Test Inclusion/Placement of Reviews

+ How to Get More Reviews for SEO
+ Best Practices for Capturing Reviews from Gift Givers
+ How Reviews from Verified Buyers Impact Sales
Why Retailers Need Negative Reviews [Q&A]
+ 12 Design Elements Every Website Should Have


Build Out Product Descriptions

+ Create Perfect Product Descriptions
+ The Added Value of Original Product Descriptions
+ How to Lose An Online Shopper (In 10 Ways)
+ 3 Perfect Product Pages  


Feature Shares/Likes as Social Proof

Premium Packaging Increases Social Shares, May Reduce Returns
+ 'Net Identity and Social-SEO


Integrate Video on Landing Pages

+ 5 Tips for Better Web Video



Recommendation Clicks Garner 123% Conversion Increase


Design Matters

+ Web Design Mistakes that Kill Rankings 
+ A Simple Guide to Decluttering Your Website  
+ 7 Tips for Designing High-Converting Landing Pages 


Offer Payment Options

+ Consumers Demand New Payment Options
+ A Payment Option with Purchasing Power
Mobile Shoppers Give Checkout the Old College Try


Emphasize/De-Emphasize Support

+ 4 Must-Have Live Chat Features
Don't Be #Basic: 3 Live Chat Tips for Online Retailers


Consider Social Login

+ Top Social Login Solutions


The Color of Conversion

+ How to Choose Logo Colors 
+ Website Inspiration by Color 


Capitalize on Authority

How to Build an Authoritative Website through Quality Content



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